Footsteps In The Past

Tony sat there on the bench outside school. The day had finished and he waived off his friends, awaiting for his brother to take him home.

He tossed the car keys in his hand, rolling them round out of boredom.

His brother wandered over, short ripped with a bloody nose and bruised eye. Tony’s limited reaction said it all as he looked his brother up and down.

“Didn’t hit him hard enough I see?”

His brother shook his head. Tony just thought what abominable mess his brother had caused this time. It was the fourth time this week, and it was only Wednesday.

Tony just thought of the effervescent nature of the younger kids at school, so determined to show they’re the best. He laughed, he was just like that at his age.

“You need to lay off the big older guys. You only need to fight when you’re fighting back. Remember that.”

He thought back to what his dad once said to him many years ago, something about absolute piffle that violence and fighting solves everything.

Years later Tony would realise this was actually true. You didn’t need to resolve everything with your fists, it was now his turn to teach his younger brother this too.

“Tell you what. You promise to stop fighting, keep your head down and I’ll speak to this kid you had a fight with, get him to lay off you?”

Another nod from his little brother was all the acknowledgement that Tony needed. A smile cracked on his face in the thought of helping his brother.

“Dad would usually do this, but you know. After……I’m saying I’m here for you.”

A smile finally showed on his brothers face. Although their dad wasn’t with them, he knew he had someone looking out for him.

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