Halloween On The Roof

It came around every single year.

The roof and Halloween. My least favourite time of year.

Many would always ask, but why, it’s so much fun. You’re young, you can still enjoy it, drinking with your friends, a dress up party on the roof.

These were all a few of the reasons I didn’t enjoy Halloween and also the roof party we so regularly had.

You’d always have that one guy who dressed up like a laboratory experiment, somehow creeping on all the women.

The food was always stale, the drinks where mixed and all over the place, plus to get a bottle of beer was a nightmare. You’d almost have to fight to get one in your hands.

Don’t forget the costumes, firstly you don’t know who half the people are both their costumes and also who’s under the very costume, it’s all very confusing. Plus, you’ve got to dress up yourself, a nightmare.

This was the year I was bowing out, wasn’t planning on going and wanted quiet night in, alone.

That didn’t happen.

Steve and Sarah, the lovely happy couple that always was came stomping into my apartment. Sadly, these two would always wear almost matching outfits, or characters who were similar, this year Star Wars, more specifically Han Solo and Princess Leia of course, A New Hope error as well.

I was thrown a choice of Luke Skywalker or Maverick from Top Gun, it was nice of them to get a choice, but no way was I turning this into a threesome, so after much deliberation, I turned to Maverick.

Flight suit and journeying to the roof of my building, I really wasn’t sure of this, I didn’t want to listen to people whimper about their lives and stand there as the single guy trying to determine who’s who and if I liked someone.

Amazingly, that would all change this year.

On the roof, so many costumes, so many people and so many faces I didn’t know who was who as my eyes trailed the small landscape.

Straight away I witnessed one guy performing magic as a magician, making something go up in flames, maybe it was his chances with that girl.

Another guy was wandering round in devil horns, no shirt and a cape, pitchfork in hand and stabbing people with it. Another reason I hate to come to the roof for Halloween.

This year was different, I actually managed to get a drink in my hand, to my shock surprise.

It was as I was getting this drink, a young woman came wandering over dressed in none other than overalls from Ghostbusters, even with the pack on her back.

It suddenly felt like love at first sight, seeing her geekiness hit a level to have ‘Venkman’ labelled on the side.

For once I was seeing a woman in a Halloween costume, who I presumed was single and wasn’t dressed in slutty attire, thank the gods.

“Do you have the need for speed.” She whispered to me whilst laughing and grabbing a drink of her own.

I could feel the love blossom already and it excited me.

“Well, I’m not so sure about that Venkman, you know not to cross the streams.” I replied back with a laugh of my own as she poured two drinks in one.

Sadly, even to this day I hate Halloween and that damn roof. I went year on year after that in the hopes I could meet ‘Venkman’ once more, I never got her real name and never got her number.

Damn I hate Halloween.


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