Welcome Back Party (Banana Pancakes Pt 32)

*Through this year I will be writing a longer story called Banana Pancakes. Through this each post will be a short story forming a larger story.

To check out the part 32 Apology Not Accepted click here, or go to the very beginning with Conversation through a door here.

Troy was putting up the last of the decorations in Avery’s apartment, hanging a large banner across the ceiling wall which said ‘Welcome Home.’

“Thanks for helping me take my mind off everything Troy.” Claire said, putting the sign up from the other side of the wall.

“Nah, thanks for helping with this. Isn’t too much is it, throwing a party?” He said out of interest.

Claire came down from the seat she was stood on and looked round the room, Troy had gone all out littering Avery’s apartment with golden strands of decorations, confetti and a table filled with drinks and snacks.

“Honestly, she’s been gone a little over a month so probably no need for a party, but it’s a nice thought I think.” She said smiling.

Claire then thought of having another relationship blossom into something like Troy and Avery had and the idea made her smile.


The apartment was filled with guests, some of which Troy barely knew and just invited along because he thought they were close to Avery.

Troy found Claire mopping in the corner of the room, slumped in a chair and drinking with a bottle of wine next to her.

“Hey, what’s this that’s happening. I’m not having you do a me, alright.” Troy said, laughing then sitting next to her on the chair. “Listen, it’s going to take a while, the whole you and Kyle thing, but I’m here, Avery will be here for you too, plus, hey here’s a party go find Mr. Right.”

Claire nudged Troy and laughed, “You always know what to say. Thanks. Anyway, go get everyone ready she’ll be here soon.”

Troy rushed round the guests as he noticed the time, she’d be here any minute so he planned for everyone to hide and shout surprise. He knocked the lights, everyone stood in awkward places, feet sticking out from curtains and legs from behind sofas.

Everyone could hear Avery come to the door, the heavy breathing from running up the stairs then the sound of jangling keys. The keys sounded like they’d been dropped, then picked up and put in the lock. With a twist the loud lock unhinged and the door opened as the handle rattled.

“SURPRISE!” Everyone shouted at once, jumping from wherever they were hiding from. It was at this point, standing in total darkness and shouting surprise, nobody really needed to hide.

Avery stood in the doorway, silent and dropped her keys at the sound of everyone shouting.

“Erm, well wow everyone. Hey, what a surprise.” She said, however the tone didn’t flow with the party too well.

Her eyes scanned the room, seeing the decorations, the different faces, some of which she hadn’t seen in a while, then Troy standing there and back to the decorations with the thought, why so much gold.

Avery went round the guests, saying her hi’s and hello’s. She came to Troy and smiled, “Quite a show you put on isn’t it.” She was dragging her suitcase at the time and Troy went to take it but she pulled it back.

“Hey, all this, all for you. I thought I’d make up for how we left things off. That and I’ve missed you of course.” He said in return.

She sighed then looked deep into Troy’s eyes. “Look we need to talk, all this, it’s just a bit of a surprise that’s all. Can we go talk?”

Troy didn’t get the hint and said, “Let’s get you out that coat and get a drink in your hand already. Come on, this is your party.”

She felt like her relationship had formed into some kind of laboratory experiment and Troy was the head scientist as he trialed all these different things to make it all work. Deep down, things where changing and she didn’t like it.

Freezing in motion, she looked Troy up and down, “We need to talk right now. In my room.”

Troy was mid-pour of a drink for Avery and put it down. Some of the crowd heard Avery be so sharp and also froze in place. Nobody quite knew what to say.


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