That Fateful Night

It wasn’t a day like any other, not anymore, not with the good news anyway.

I still did my daily routine, wake up with my bunk mate Danni. A little friendly chitter chatter then head to the shower.

Breakfast with the girls, not so many arguments as normal, just the usual, especially between Denny and old Betsy. Luckily it didn’t get too much that everyone had to get involved.

Outside, in the sort of fresh air, as best as we could get really. More chatter, it was about all we ever did us girls. A nice little trek round the courtyard. Sarah shoved right into me, I noticed it was by accident so I let her off, this time.

I decided to take a moment by myself, just to take it all in and my environment. I’d been thinking long and hard for this day for so long, so many years passing by.

Taking a seat by the fence which outlooked the field, I imagined what it be like again. The green grass, the deep blue skies. The smiles, the laughter, it’d be like starting all over again.

For a brief moment, I was redolent of my past, thinking deep on my memory, the life I’ve led, the wrong directions I took, and the worst choice I made.

It was winter, 23-years ago. The snow had crusted around every object outside and it crunched beneath my tires as I led to the driveway. I remember pausing for a quick moment, breathing the clear cold air and thinking of my next move.

Exiting the car was bidding everything good bye as the door clicked shut once again on that fateful night. I was unsure where I was but in the same moment I knew where I’d been led.

As I entered that home, the cleanliness striking me with a hit, I noticed the shoes. Male, size ten, scuffed round the edges, a working man. Heels, a woman’s possibly size five, red strapped.

I could hear noises upstairs so ventured to find out my results, the sight before me was something I wasn’t even shocked for, I’d known it, predicted it already.

My husband and his lady friend, at it in her bed. Little did they know, my hands weren’t cold enough to not be able to pull the trigger. Two shots, each, that’s what ended that tale.

The rest was a blur, flashy lights and sirens. Me sitting at the bedside with a smile.

Now, years later I bid farewell to my girls, my friends I’d built up over all this time to finally vacate my accommodation.

Hand in my orange overalls. Gather my items from that fateful night, minus the gun of course and give the guards a friendly wave goodbye.

I took a step, outside the cage I’d been living in all this time. The natural light blinding me. The air knocking me back and the freedom I now had exuding every bone in my body.

3 thoughts on “That Fateful Night

  1. hah you kept me guessing till the very end! and I loved your ending. if i may just say something that confused me a little, was whose house it was and how did you get there? i could not overlook the details, maybe its just me, i need the details to be as coherent as possible. besides that very good story!

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