Ghost Boy

I wandered through my neighbourhood as the orange lights decorated trees, the pumpkins sat on the edge of homes and the ghosts and ghouls stood at doorways.

Just like I always remembered.

Children ran from door to door, house to house knocking away and getting their candy. Handfuls and fistfuls, throwing into their pumpkin shaped buckets.

I was on the wander, to see what was happening in my little town. To see what was going on in the wider world.

As I ventured through the town, people ignored me. They saw right past me, maybe because I was wearing a sheet, white with rounded eye holes. Held over my head, acting like a ghost.

I first saw a couple, stood by the river bank. They were talking about how much they loved each other and loved Halloween. I just stood idly by, looking to get some acknowledgment from them.

With some brio the man started talking about a party, about a big Halloween bash as he kept talking about it.

I decided to follow them. Not too close as we strode through the streets paved in autumn leaves, still twinkling lights across trees and we found a house, booming with noise and people everywhere.

I saw a man asleep in the front lawn, face down with a bottle tightly wound in his hand. A girl was sat against the porch giggling away to herself so I gave her a quick waive, she couldn’t see my smile.

As we entered the house, the music grew louder, instantly I was swashed by people being strident towards each other, using language and words I’d barely heard before.

I lost the couple quite quickly, seeing faces everywhere, the music growing louder and witnessing sights I’d rather not witness again. I went to stand in the queue for the toilet as it led from the bathroom door, twisting off down the hall and across the staircase.

I moved between people, squeezing past but nobody took any notice, maybe t was the costume. I stood in the line, in silence at first but then I tried to make a friend. A young man, dressed as the devil with red horns, a red face and dangling cape.

He took no notice of me, just kept playing on his phone, also trying to nudge a girls attention who was dressed like a beautiful white angel, but she kept ignoring him.

The line for the bathroom was too long so I ventured back downstairs, through the crowds of zombies, mummies, Frankenstein’s, some weird characters from things I had no idea about and also a man dressed as a dinosaur.

I still thought my costume was better.

Through the dinning room, the DJ stood at the window, spinning his records as the room felt monochromatic. I had a shudder so went into the next room to take a seat as two young guys played on the games console, some shooter.

Sitting side by side with them, they also ignored me, paying no exact attention what so ever. I couldn’t take it anymore, I just wanted to have a friend, talk to someone, that’s what I wanted from tonight but I got none of it.

I left in a hurry, still never found that couple from earlier in the night and the man on the lawn was still passed out.

My costume was still over my head as I was like a floating spirit, I started to wonder if] anyone even liked my costume.

As I ran onto the road it happened, bright beams of light, separated and yellow driving right through me, a car passing me by also.

For a brief moment my life was postponed, it didn’t even exist. I now saw the tail end, the red beams of light distancing away as I stood with my sheet draped over me, relaxing what had become of me and why nobody took notice.


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