It was another day as Jay woke up, rolled straight out of bed at the sound of his alarm and hit the floor with the usual bang and thud.

He felt groggy, beer bottles dotted around his room which he narrowly missed when landing slap to the ground. His alarm still buzzing in the background.

His eyes started to close, he could quite easily go straight back to sleep but he knew his house mates would start banging on his room because of the alarm.

Finally lifting himself from the ground, he shook himself awake, jumped up and down for a brief moment to let the blood flow then looked at himself in the mirror to his disheveled face.

“I drank way too much last night.”

He stumbled out his room wearing jeans and shuffling in his socks. Leading to the bathroom he heard no noises, none of the usual clatter at this time from his house mates in their rooms or downstairs, just the dead of silence. A form of absentness echoed through the house.

In the bathroom he gave his face a good wash with cold water then pulled his eyelids down looking at his bloodshot eyes. He wandered off downstairs into the main living area. Usually he’d see Claire or even Sophia making plenty of noise but there was nothing.

“Hello, anyone up yet?”

Silence. No answers replied back to him, but he just went about his day. Thinking nothing off it despite the unexpected decline of life around him.

Making his way to the TV, he clicked the remote to turn it on, however only static played. Nothing else, just the black and white fuzz of the screen.

“Did someone not pay the TV bill? Come on, what do I give you guys money for?”

Again, silence, emptiness through the whole house. He couldn’t take anymore of this so stormed up the stairs.

“Hey, come on stop ignoring me right now.”

He pushed open the first room he came to, James’ barging right through but nothing, nobody. The bed was finely made, the curtains drawn as if he’d awoke nice and early and run out.

The next room, Claire’s, same again, bed made, room tidy, curtains bringing in the sunlight from outside.

Last one, Sophia, now she always had a mess of a room but no, same as he’d seen in the previous two and he was just puzzled, as if everyone had just teleported away, disappeared.

He headed back down, out the front door as the sun shined brightly in his eyes. He felt a sudden amount of loneliness, emptiness in the world as if he was the only person then he felt a sudden vestigial flicker of what he once had and now it had all gone.

Sitting down on the doorstep, he suddenly heard some music, hip-hop growing in sound through the street as it build up more and more, growing stronger and echoing.

In the distance he saw someone on a bike, riding towards him on the road. The music was coming from an old boom box resting on the back of the bike.

It was a woman, tied back blond hair wearing sunglasses and a backpack which was packed with all sorts. He smiled, realising the definition no longer applied of loneliness, because he wasn’t the only person who went away.

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