Our Heroes (Vertigo III)

Read Vertigo part I and II.

Another day, another hero multitasking around with powers, relationships, heroism, saving the day, life, god life.

“So Vertigo, now have things been?”

And my little moment of thinking about outside this room has gone.

“Earth to Vertigo….”

“I heard you Doc. Don’t worry I heard you.”

She’s begun our lovely little session, hurrah.

“How’m I feeling? Where to begin. Well, today I saved three, no four families from a burning building. Also yesterday, well I stopped that super freak of course, what was his name again?”

She sighed, I loved it when she sighed, it meant I got to her already.

“You can rattle off your little conquests all day if you like, I’ve seen them all on the news.”

I’d hope everyone had, I did plenty of them.

“Although, I’ve been seeing a lot more of that other hero, Superem is his name. He’s been all over at the moment.”

Way to lower the tone Doc.

“Nah, he isn’t much. His fancy orange costume, everyone can see that a mile off. How’s that being a hero, standing out against the bad guys, the villains of the world.”

“So not a huge fan then? What do you think of other heroes, others doing the job you do. Saving the people you save?”

She’s trying to get deep, under my skin, the usual.

“Not a fan.”

“Care to elaborate?”

GoT to give it to her, she’s a try hard.

“That word elaborate, means so much doesn’t it. E lab or ate.”

“Ok then, villains, what do you think of them? More of them popping up these days, surely you need other heroes to help?”

She’s got me there.

“Honestly. Not a fan of either. Heroes get in the way, villains well, they also get in the way don’t they.”

She scribbled on the pad, words I couldn’t care less about but I had to do this as usual. My monthly routine.

“But surely it was a hero who inspired you?”

Well, she was right there. It was.

“Going Back now. The Archio was his name. Very little powers, but a god damn good aim.”

“I remember him actually. One of the leading first?”

Of course, everyone remembered him, the leading first, the first heroes but then came the first villains of course.

“When I was younger, I looked up to him. Wanted to be him, always inspired to be a hero. Never knew how difficult it would be.”

The scribbling continued.

“But why is it difficult?”

This was it, the moment she made me open up, great.

“Because when heroes come, so do villains and they’re even worse. I’ve seen too many heroes brutally killed in front of me, massacred.”

Sometimes in these sessions I count the dots on the ceiling, other times I stare at it in deep thought, this time was the latter.

“Sometimes it’s too much to handle.”

Now she made us sit in silence to ponder, take a moment. That or she didn’t know what to say.

“And of course, he’s one of the worst of them all. Your nemesis, the one who killed your….”

And end of session time I think.

“Well, Doc look at the time. I hear some folk who need help so if you don’t mind me I’ll be leaving out the window.”

Anything to not talk about him.

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