Woman In The Dress

The bar was busy, rampaging with people chattering away and spilling their drinks. You could barely move, but as always I’d been dragged out by Max, my egotistical friend.

It was Friday. The rain shivered down outside and you could almost hear it echo through the bar. We’d got our drinks, posted out position at the back and watched the world go by. It was the typical night we had in mind.

Seeing everyone pass by, the usual struck my mind, I’m single. The next thing to strike my mind was why that was, I never spoke to any of the women on here. I didn’t take a fancy to any of them.

Max on the other hand, remember egotistical, well that’s one word for him but he hit on everyone. Any woman with a pulse, he was there. She’s chatting to her best friend, he was there, hitting on them both.

I’d always look at him thinking it was said, just another notch for him me nothing else, I was vastly different. I was looking for the one.

In fact, that night. December 3rd, at 11:07pm I saw her. I had a sudden burst of infatuation in a way I’d never felt it before. It warmed through my body, tingles, and it wasn’t the alcohol I consumed.

She’d walked in, a beautiful blue diaphanous dress. Long and silk, showing off her heels and ankles. She didn’t notice me at first, wandering in with her friends, three of them, giggling away ready for a night out.

I just stared, couldn’t help it, falling through the skies in love and then it happened, we caught eyes. A brief moment where both our hearts skipped then fell in sync in a moment of sheer electric joy.

It was as if we were connected across time and space within this bar and we couldn’t leave each other’s gaze.

Max instantly saw the group and targeted them, he said something like, “dibs” or something profound and unnecessary. Not this time Max. I shouldered him out the way, an usher to move side, he didn’t have a target this time.

I wandered over. Slowly, our eyes still locked then she flicked her head to the bar, the brunette hair flowing almost pausing in the air for a brief second.

Looking at her complexion was as if her entire body was silhouetted against a beautiful sunset. The scene was almost dreamlike as if everyone else in the bar had disappeared, the lights had been dimmed Andy he orange and reds of the sun had ventured from nowhere.

As I got there, the slippery bar floor from spilled drinks and various liquids made me go heels in the air as I crashed down. Most still continued with the chatting as I blacked out but then as my eyes opened once again, I saw above me her, the woman in the dress.

She smiled, I smiled, our eyes still locked.

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