He lay on his bed, staring at the light above, the dull tone of a bulb and nothing else as the daylight secreted through the windows blinds.

Fall has set with the golden leaves dropping from trees, shrouding the ground that was once there. Sam believed it was about time to get up and leave, but he just couldn’t inch his way from the bed.

Closing his eyes tight, clasping them together he let in a deep breath.

Opening his eyes again, the sun had dissipated almost, a faint tingle of orange now escaping through in a stunning glow.

A panic struck him instantly as he sat upright, gazing at his watch face which just ticked backwards. He tapped on the glass and it paused, then ticked forwards again reinstating the right sequence of time.

His apartment had become warm and the glow of the sunset traveled from wall to wall. Weirdly he couldn’t hear any noise, everything was silent. His noisy neighbours above had seized their bickering and the quintessence of what was the apartment block had ended.

It was odd, sending shivers around his spine but an echo occurred, a thin voice, female as if a whisper had ventured his way.

He sensed enrapture of joy filling him in the soothing sound. An urge built up to find out what it was, who it was. He left the apartment, heading down the dim lit corridors of the block, the whispering beaconing him, beginning him to come closer.

Stepping down the stairs, one foot at a time, trying to gather where the sound was from, why it was calling him, so many notes traveling through his head.

The doors to the building felt larger than usual, like a grand entrance to a new life. Like an escapism.

As he left his building, the sun burned bright, like a giant life talisman in the sky, setting against the horizon.

As his eyes began to adjust, he saw it before him, what led him here along the open stretch road. Nobody was outside, on the street except a young woman, slim with long ginger hair. Her distance from him meant he couldn’t make out her face, but he could feel the beauty beaming from her. The pair drew closer, staring at one another, She in a long blue dress, he now suddenly in a tuxedo.

They finally were close enough to touch one another, putting their hands out and locking fingers.

“Where are we?” Sam said, now seeing her face in full and being drawn in by her eyes.

“I don’t know.” She replied back.

Music, a sweet symphony swept into the street as if it was all around them. The sun faded out and the street lamps faded into a beautiful transition.

Without any form, the two suddenly started to sway, leading into a dance between them as if they had no power over what was happening.

One by one the street lights went out as the pair grew closer into the darkness.

Sam lay on his bed, eyes opening, tired with the sun still coming through the windows blinds. He could instantly hear his neighbours making noise everywhere.

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