Remember Me?

The truck bounced again, slamming the cargo around the back. She continued driving, keeping her foot equal on the accelerator as to not stir attention to herself.

The night was black, the only lights being the lamps of her car beaming her journey forward along the winding road. Trees stood tall either side, allowing just a slither of the moonlight to beam through.

She heard a burble in the back, the cargo had woken up. With a jovial shout above the engine she said, “Wanna keep it down back there. We’re nearly where we need to be.”

A further drive up the road, at one point passing another street car parked in a lay by. She tipped her hat, avoiding detection, an unseen passer by.

Flicking the indicator to go right, she brought the car to a slow hault then twisted the steering wheel, turning the truck into a woodland lane. Not too far into the lane the road ended, become thick with soil, branches and deciduous leaves.

The truck came to a sudden stop, slamming the breaks with a thump of the cargo in the back. She turned the ignition off, stepping out the truck and landing her feet in the thick leaves of the forest.

The moon still shined through the branches in a hello luminescent glow. She uncle-pedal the back of the truck, revealing a darkened character, a man tied at his legs and feet. She shined a light, the mans face bruised with a gash to his head and rope tied round his head and mouth.

He tried to make noises but it did no effect. “Save your breath, if you didn’t have that gag in your mouth nobody could hear you out here anyway.”

She grabbed the rope where his legs where tied up, pulling it as his body slowly slid out the truck with a thud to the ground. He welped from the mouth gag, moving his body in a tangled mess to try and squirm away but couldn’t.

Dragging the body a few more steps, his body trailing through the mud, twigs and leaves, she brought it to a stop. Lifting him onto his knees as he swayed too and fro.

He tried to make noises with his mouth, unable to and becoming enigmatic so she removed the gag from his mouth, instantly allowing him to scream.

He continued for a few moments until the woman stood before him, rope in hand and laughing strangely.

“Why are you laughing, what are you doing, why, why me?” He shouted, trying to move his hands free of the rope.

She stopped laughing, taking a deep breath, “Sorry, sorry, serious face now.” She said, waiving a hand over her face changing her expression from laughter to straight faced.

“You know why you’re here, don’t you remember me?” She said, with a smile across her face.

He shook his head, “Let me go, I won’t tell anyone, I’ll find my own way back, I don’t know why I’m here.” Saying in a panic.

“Wow, you really don’t remember me do you.” She said, removing her hat, pulling out her long blonde hair. “What about now.” She said, throwing the hat on the ground and pulling out a military knife from behind her back.

“No, wait. Stop this. Please, I don’t get it, I don’t know what you want. I don’t know you.” He said, trying to move away from her with his knees.

She held the knife across his face, the cold metal adding to the chilled air. He squirmed, moving his head away.

“It’s sad Kyle you don’t remember me. Alice ring a bell?” She said, moving around him like a vulture circling its prey.

“Alice? No, how do you know my name, what’s going on?”

She knelt down in front of him, face to face bringing herself as close as possible to his, “This is so sad Kyle, so sad indeed. You don’t remember.” She took a deep breath, lifting the knife and quickly cutting his cheek. “You humiliated me, three years ago at our school prom, still don’t remember?”

“What, Alice Clark? Is that, what’s this all about. No just let me go.”

She slapped his face, a red mark showing across his face and he started yelling again so she put the gag back in. “You and your friends, you humiliated me, leading me on all night, all night to then just ditch me in these very woods.” She held the knife tightly against his neck. “You said you loved me that night, you wanted to be with me but it was all just a funny ploy to leave me here to find my way home.”

Kyle quickly tried to stand up and get away but it didn’t work as Alice stabbed him in the chest repeatedly, a burst of anger as the flurry of jabs leaving his body limp and becoming dead behind the eyes.

His lifeless body slumped to the ground, Alice now stood there covered in blood and the knife dripping onto a fallen leaf.

“Silly boys.” She said, grabbing his legs and dragging him off into the dark where a ditch lay with another three male bodies of similar age.

She stood above them, smiling and cleaning the knife. “And that makes four.” She threw the knife into the pit, grabbing a shovel she’d prepared earlier and started laying dirt over the four men


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