Girl Next Door (Banana Pancakes Pt 40)

Through this year I will be writing a longer story called Banana Pancakes. Through this each post will be a short story forming a larger story.

To check out the part 39 click here, or go to the very beginning with Conversation through a door here.

Troy was walking through Central Park as the sun started to set, Victoria by his side as they continued to chat.

“So, you’ve lived and breathed New York your entire life.” Troy said, still smiling at Victoria.

“Yeah, my whole life. I mean, sure I’ve been out the city, the state, all that. Did a road trip once across America.” She said.

It made Troy think back to his road trip with Jess, “I’ve done the same, some good diners out there, about the only good thing when traveling across the damn country.”

“Who’d you go with? Friends, or a?” She enquired.

He hesitated, paused for a brief moment and took a sip of his coffee, “An ex, for her work this one time.”

The wind suddenly blew strong and Victoria’s voluptuous red silk scarf blew away, Troy quickly spun round and ran down the way to grab it as it got trapped by a tree branch.

He pulled it down, careful not to catch or tear it then brought it back to her, “Me lady.”

She held a hand out, taking it and wrapping it back round her, “My hero, this is my favourite scarf after all.”

The sun glowed an orange tinge, burning the skies of city. The two looked up and smiled at the sight, “It’s such a beautiful city.” Victoria said, before continuing her walk, “So, we’ve been for some coffee, had a walk, you hungry?”

“I thought you’d never ask, I know this great Italian place.” Troy replied as the two walked off.


After food, leaving the Italian restaurant and heading to the subway, Victoria leading the way, she suddenly asked, “So, you mentioned ex earlier? Are you single now.”

Another brief pause, hesitation striking his mind. He hadn’t thought of it too much recently but he didn’t want to say he was single, however the words suddenly came out, “No, I mean, yeah, yeah I am. It’s been a weird kind of year.”

The train pulled in pair walked on, grabbing seats and noticing the time tick by to 9:34pm.

“Right, maybe save those stories for another day, I know I’ve got a few of them as well.” Victoria said.

She touched his hand for a moment before drawing back, her thoughts as if it were too soon to do that. The conversation continued, the chatting away of what they did, where they were in life, what they liked and disliked and it filled both of them with a warm feeling.

The train was coming to a stop, screeching beneath the tracks, slowing down as it did. The two stood up, holding the pole between them waiting the next stop until suddenly the train climaxed to a hault and the pair lunged forward into one another, their faces close and their eyes locked.

They paused in the position for a moment, until the doors opened and they were dragged back to the realisation of the world. Troy’s mind crossed at how sequelae love was for a moment and all he’d been through in the past.

Reaching out the subway, the night sky being illuminated with street lamps and neon signs, Victoria felt a chill in the air. Troy, without hesitation, grabbed his jacket, removing it and wrapping it round Victoria with a smile and a tight hug.

He now walked the street in a flannel shirt, not feeling the cold “How are you not feeling this right now, it’s freezing.” Victoria said with a shiver.

“Wait, I’ve been here I think, yeah that apartment building there.” Troy said.

“Well, that one is mine, weird, is this where you say you’ve been stalking me?”

Troy was confused at what was going on, “Oh, wait, yeah I’ve been in that building, not a great story I was sort of down, drunk and….”

“One night stand? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. My room mate is terrible for it, trust me.” Victoria said, laughing.

Troy walked her to the apartment block door, “Well here I am, number 64. This has been nice Troy, thanks for a weird, random but great day.”

He smiled, “And you’ve got my number, we should do this again.” He looked at the street again, then the side of the door block where the numbered rooms had buzzers, scanning and seeing 64.

“Have you ever randomly played Heartbeat, you know Childish Gambino, in the morning just to piss off your room mate?” He said as Victoria looked at him puzzled.

“Erm, yeah. How do you…” Troy interrupted with a kiss to Victoria, as he realised she was the girl next door who played that song one morning.

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