The Last of Us

It had been three months, three whole months of loneliness. I was now coming to the realisation that it was it, the end, not for me but the rest of humanity.

Three months ago the sequelae infection spread, taking everyone, all of them and now there was just one, me.

After having some fun rather than grieving for the first month, you know, taking whatever I wanted, doing whatever I wanted, it was fun after all, I decided it was time to make amends.

I gathered supplies, got a nice car and hit the road.

I’d now journeyed three quarters across America and not a sign of human life, none of it. No voluptuous women waiting for me anywhere, no old men who’d hidden out in some bunkers waiting it out, no kids seeking their parents, not a single sign of life.

What I had come across was bodies, piles and piles of bodies, cold and still as if they were hibernating and now I’d hit a little town outside Maine.

I pulled the truck I had into a gas station, stocked up as I’d done many times before and looked across my map. My finger traced the interstates, the highways and kept lingering towards Canada, could there be any sign of life there?

Sometimes my mind skimmed across why I was alright, why I was alive and nobody else, was there a reason, was I being punished. I don’t know, I’d never know why this was happening.

All colour now lacked in this dreary world, was I in hell.

I packed everything away and as the sun baked in the background I felt it was time to take off the dirty flannel I’d worn for a few days now so threw it off in the distance behind me.

It was a few days later, driving another 100 miles further and another few towns I’d checked but again, surprise, no sign of life anywhere. Haunted.

The truck dragged itself into a motel where I thought I’ll stay for the night as the sun started getting low. I sometimes decided to stay in luxury, but if a good motel was sitting around, I’d use that as well.

I grabbed what I needed, most just stayed in the truck, after all being alone in the world wouldn’t mean anything would get stolen. As I went off to the motel from the car park, passing a few cars as I did, I saw a door open above.

As if my magic, and at one point I did think I was dreaming, a woman stepped out, medium height, long blond hair and eating what looked like beef jerky.

What was strange, as if the whole I’m the only one alive situation and here’s a woman after three months wasn’t strange enough, she had my flannel shirt tied round her waist.

“Hey there, been waiting to see another person. What took you so long?” She said, and with that, I wasn’t alone anymore.

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