Ignoring What’s There (Banana Pancakes Pt 41)

Through this year I will be writing a longer story called Banana Pancakes. Through this each post will be a short story forming a larger story.

To check out the part 40 click here, or go to the very beginning with Conversation through a door here.

Troy ringed the buzzer to the apartment, his finger holding it there for a good five seconds before using the code to get into the building and heading up the stairs. Once there he made his way to Claire’s apartment door, standing outside in the corridor and holding his knuckles ready to knock.

Before he knew it, the door opened and Claire stood there wiping her tears away. She opened her arms and wrapped herself around Troy. “He’s been texting, trying to call. I, I, don’t know what to do.”

Troy pulled his arms around her as the two embraced.

Inside the apartment, Troy walked over to the sofa with two cups of coffee and sat next to Claire, placing the two cups on the coffee table.

“So, what have the messages said? Have you replied at all?” Troy asked carefully.

“Look at me, I’m a mess. So many years together, just like that over and I’m a state.” She said as she started crying again.

Troy looked at her, barely her usual on fleek self but he felt her pain, the same pain he’d felt nearly a year ago.

“He apologised over the text, said he was sorry. Said he spoke to you as well.” She said.

A sudden scary thought ran past Troy, he never told Claire he’d seen Kyle that night, he didn’t know how to but t was time to confess. “Yeah, this bar after, you know me and Avery. He, well, said the same kind of stuff. I said keep away, clearly didn’t listen. I hit him though, don’t know where that came from.”

Claire laughed, “You hit him, really. Not like you. What can I do, I want to be with him again. Just the two of us and….”

“Are you sure?” Troy said with an instant ricochet to what Claire said.

She smiled, “Of course I do, I just…”

“I’ll find him, I’ll drag him here if I have to and make him apologise in person.” He said.

Troy hugged her again and smiled, leaving the apartment into the corridor then out f the building completely. He pulled out his phone, a message from Victoria by he had to ignore it for the moment, instead he sent a text to Kyle.

30 minutes. Central Park. We need to talk.

He didn’t wait for a reply, instead slipped the phone away again and thought of the troll Kyle had become and what he’d done but he wanted to make things right for Claire and for his friendship with Kyle.


Troy sat at a bench in Central Park, hoping Kyle knew where to meet. He wasn’t direct but there was a coffee shop the three of them went to just off from the park then they’d walk through to sit at this bench.

He’d received a reply. Brief but to the point and was now waiting to here him out. At that moment Kyle appeared, sat next to him but didn’t say a word. Just a moment of silence before he spoke up.

“Listen, last time we saw each other. I was drunk, really, really….” he started having before Troy broke him off.

“I get it. Come on, I’ve been there. I’m sorry for hitting you, don’t know where that came from.”

Kyle rubbed his face where he’d been hit that night, “no I get it, I’ve been a bit of a….”

“Dick?” Troy said.

“Yeah, that.” The pair sat in another moment of silence. “Listen, after that night, I’ve been messaging her, tried to phone, nothing. I miss her, I made a mistake, I’ve been drinking myself stupid over it and….”

“She’s a mess, she needs you. I need you man, we need to be a team together.”

Kyle patted Troy on the back, “I hear you brother. ” and he put out a fist, Troy doing the same and bumping each other’s knuckles.

After a long discussion, the pair where traveling to the apartment. The same again, Troy buzzing the code, entering and making his way to the apartment, with Kyle behind him this time.

He opened the apartment, going straight in and seeing Claire just where he left her as ifshe hadn’t moved.

Kyle went in, sat next to her and the two embraced instantly as Troy stood in the hall with a vibrant smile across his face. He knew it wouldn’t be instant but he could feel all three of them getting their lives back on track once more.

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