You’re Invited In

In a bar, the neon lights above dangling down in multiple music pummels his ears, nothing he’s not used to on a typical Friday night.

He sips his drink again, scanning the dance floor, as if in disguise. the bar area and the stairs leading into the large room. It was then when he witnessed, first a long leg, velvet peach skin, followed by another. A dress trailed down, red stinging the eyes. A young woman, long blond hair, blue eyes gazing into his.

They instantly reacted, noticing one another. She walked to him, stood beside him at the bar and he whispered to her, ordering her a drink. The night went on and before they knew it the pair where at her apartment, the building towering over them in the dead of night as they kissed, her back against the cold wall.

She wrangled for her keys in the bag acting exasperated, trying to pull away from his animalistic nature. Putting the key in with a twist it unlocked and she wandered in, leading a finger to him at the time. He paused, looked around the door and she said, “Come on in you. More of this upstairs.”

As the night ticked away, the sun rising in the glowing sky, bursting orange flames before falling down again past the horizon into dusk once more. The apartment building door swung open, the man wandering out, moving his thumb across his lips and wandering onto the street with a deep breath.

Waving his hand out, a taxi pulled in, spinning into the sidewalk and the mysterious man climbed in, posting further downtown.

He arrived to a busy bar yet again, music banging outside as he exited the taxi waving the man off. It was busy but despite being a Saturday night it didn’t have a line outside so he could freely enter. His lustre building within.

Once inside, he scooped the floor. A few interesting woman around, some by themselves, others in pairs, the odd group here and there. He made his way to the bar to wait it out and unlike his usual outings, a woman came to him from one of the large party groups.

“Hey there stranger, want a drink?” She said.

“That’s usually what the man says to the woman.” He says.

They were magnetic together, drawing from one another and before he knew it they were outside her apartment, just like the night before with the previous woman.

This time she quickly got her keys out into the door, as she did he let his fingers pull through the delicate strands of her hair, moving it out the way to her blushed neck.

“Can you just wait here just a second. I need to tidy up.” She said as she ventured into the building and closed the door behind.

It was 5-minutes till the door opened again and a younger girl wandered out, short blond hair in a bun, carrying books and giving a gracious smile to him. The brunette woman, red lips and golden short dress appearing at the door waving a hand to come in, but again he paused, hesitated as such.

“Come on it’s getting cold out there, get in. But sush, be quiet.” She said, holding a finger to her lips.

Inside her apartment, she felt bizarre, letting the man in but her heart pumping quickly, beating hard.

She froze, seeing an object and quickly hiding it away out of the mans sight. He was too busy admiring the apartment, the wallpaper, the lighting, taking it all in, stroking the wall as he did.

“Such a nice place here. It’s 1840 this building I think, very old, so many stories in these walls.” He said as if being a fabulist.

She laughed, “Yeah I think, I don’t know really. It’s old I know that.”

She went into kiss him, coming closer, then two bodies intertwined. It was then a flame sparked in his eyes and he looked at her neck, feeling her heart beat through his sense.

He licked her neck to begin then like an animal dug deep into her neck with his teeth. She didn’t make a sound, not even a movement as her body, still alive, fell like a mindless piece of meat.

He continued, lifting his head as blood soaked down his mouth and neck.

Hours later and the body lay in the bath, her skin now a pale white to the completion she once was. The man had shut the curtains and blinds tight, allowing not an ounce of The now sunrise to enter the apartment.

Wandering around the room, he cycled through some record,s finding one he acquired a good taste for and playing it, the others lying in a pile in the background.

In the bathroom he washed his face, removing any trace of the blood from him whilst dancing to the old classic he’d put on.

“1943, a damn good year.” He said moving around the room.

Back in the main room he put on the TV, cycling through the various channels whispering “nope” to each one.he eventually came across the news channel, showing the apartment he was the night before, police inside and a crime scene being set up.

The headline read “massacre on 45th” and how the “Blood list killer struck again.” The newsreader went on to say how this was the fifteenth killing where young women had been left in their bath tub, drained of all their blood.

He leaned forward licking his lips but as he did so, a young girl wandered out of one of the rooms.

“Mommy what’s with all the noice.” She said rubbing her eyes.

The man paused, didn’t a]say anything and just looked at her.

“Who’s you, where’s mommy?” The girl looked no more than 6, maybe 7.

“Hello there. She’s popped out, I’m here to, well, until she gets back.” He said standing up. He went to shake her hand, putting it out in front of him. She grabbed one of his fingers and shaked it.

“You must be another mommy’s friends.” She said. “I’m hungry, breakfast.”

“Sorry, what.”


He quickly went off to the kitchen, looking through the shelves to find some food.

“It’s very dark in here.” She said as he was in the other room.

Opening every cabinet, he finally found two boxes of cereal. He kept looking st the two, not knowing where the worlds gone in his many years with the Cher’s on the front.

He went out into the main room to show her them but as he did, she was stood by the curtains, quickly opening them to see the flaring orange sun in the sky as it rose.

As she did, the man faded to dust, the boxes landing on the floor and the little girl looking around, “Hello, Mr man? Where my breakfast?”

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