The Plan

This wasn’t the first time, in fact it was the 45th he was going to orchestrate. The nerves were twiddling down his spine, something didn’t feel right about the whole situation, probably because it was his 45th birthday on his 45th job, a coincidence but also what felt like bad luck.

The usual surmised in his home that morning, his kids jumped on the bed to wake him up before they went to school, wishing him an extra special birthday and his wife displayed an array of cards from family and friends.

He set off, kissing them all individually a goodbye and a see you tomorrow. His wife grabbing at him asking if he really needed to work till tomorrow on his birthday and he let out a simple smile and a nod.

Inside the warehouse, the others all met up as he rolled out the blue prints on the board, displaying the circled areas, the vantage points and where each single person was going to be.

The five men stood round, viewing every fine detail, where the camera points where to the building, seventeen with four blind spots, the security that was usually in place, three guards, two physically fit and the other an easy mark. The entrance ways, three of them, one of which was their go to as it was barely monitored.

Everything just felt too good to be true, too easy but he just kept thinking it was one of the simpler ones, a get in and get out kind of job. He’d seen worse before, been through worse.

He stared at the model building one of the guys had made, a floor plan within showing numerous corridors, hallways and doorways, each marked with camera points, where they were entering and every fine detail of the plan.

The lights across the city had lit up, it was the dead of night, the silent time. Inside the van as they viewed the building from afar, he pulled out a duffel bag filled with pistols, handing each one out but ushering the importance of not being trigger happy.

They were as a fear tactic, not to be used for action, unless it really came to it. God help if it did, now at 45, he didn’t know if he could pull out a firefight like he would back in the day.

Pulling masks over their face, a pig, a dragon, a clown, a baby face and his a blank white mask, just what he’d requested. He stepped out the van first, taking a deep breath and thinking how he wanted to deterge himself of this life. The rest exited the van, heading down the side alley, one on look out, the pig, and the others gathering round the door. He pointed to a window at the side, just as the blueprint had pointed out and the dragon went to climb through it.

The door suddenly opened, revealing the masked red fiery dragon behind it and the man ushered them in with a wave of his arm. The clown went through first, heading straight down the corridor and placing a device on a wall alarm for the whole building defusing it. The baby face and him followed next as the pig then moved closer to stand guard at the door.

The group moved down the corridors, wandering past door after door until they reached door 245. The baby face pulled out a small charge from his duffel bag, fusing it to the handle as it buzzed and flittered small flames opening the door. He then stood outside as the rest entered.

Inside the room stood a large vault, bars in front and he clicked to the bars as both the clown and dragon opened their bags with small laser saws to cut through the bars locks. He rolled back his jacket for the time, a countdown on his watch showing 9 minutes 36 seconds.

The bars came off quickly, so the pair then moved onto the vault, a big steel door in front of them. The clown threw the dragon a small device again, placing it on the cold steel with a buzzing sound and a fizzle again. The digital counter on the vaults side clicked into place with a mecognism being free inside as random numbers fritted past into a sequence to unlock.

The baby face man appeared again, closing the door and raising his finger to his mouth to usher silence to the rest of them. They pulled out their guns, the blank man checking his countdown once more, 5 minutes 45 seconds left. They couldn’t quit and give up now,

Footsteps wandered past and before they knew it were off in the distance. The men set back to work, the vault opening to numerous dollar notes that they filled with bags. After a few minutes and bags filled with money he clicked his fingers, not much time left he thought.

They rushed out and down the corridors once again back to find the pig masked man waiting for them at the door, gun at the ready. He ushered them down, waiving to them but in the thin silence a bullet whipped past and hit him in the forehead shattering the mask.

They stood silent as his body landed on the ground. In an instant, the blank man reacted moving them to the back up exit, they had no time to mess around now. His countdown was on the final minute, they needed to be back to the van now.

Dragon got out first, shoving the door open and rushing out, before the other two could get out gun shots where fired. As they then moved out a faint voice shouted “FREEZE” but they ignored it pulling out their guns.

He had a final soliloquy moment as the countdown hit zero and the alarm went off in the background was this was not how he wanted to spend his 45th birthday as money floated in the air above in an explosion.


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