Running Woods

Every time in the distance, a red jewel shined, glinting to where she needed to be. Where her heart was taking her.

The woods she roamed were dark, the moon barely glinting through the branches of the thick black mist.

The twigs beneath her feet snapped, a shiver running down her spine each time. The breath she oozed fled her body, hovering in front as if taunting her.

She was scared, alone and didn’t know what was happening.

Hearing whispers, as if they uttered her life was a shambles. As if what surrounded her, they knew what she’d done, who she was and why she did it.

The fear stricken her sharply.

She had no choice but to run, pushing through the branches, the twigs snapping louder and the voices coming closer.

A trip and she fell, landing on her front, the soil splashing up into her face and hair. The jewel above in the trees looked like it grew closer, but yet felt so far.

She needed to get there, get out of this nightmare and be free. It was the only way.

She dragged herself up, moved quicker and speeded towards the opening where the red flowed through.

In amongst the branches, the foliage she shoved herself through. Squeezed as the trees cut her side to side, scrapping her skin.

The red light grew brighter till she was through, then a flash.

Everything changed, different. The voices stopped. The woods was gone.

She now stood alone on a street she recognised.

The jewel grew into a demon. Her inner demon, which she now had to face.

The memories flooded back as to what she had done, what she had faced.

Looking down she noticed herself holding a knife. Blood dripped from the tip.

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