The Office

Everyday was dismal in the office.

It was forced, nobody liked each other but always came across like they did.

It was a camaraderie that nobody really wanted but everyone kind of got along with each and everyday.

We’d pass in the corridors, a slight nod, a hello here and there. Sometimes you didn’t even know the person, never set eyes on them before but you still gave some gesture of a greeting.

We all blended in, a suit of uniform almost. Jacket, shirt and tie, the trousers to fit. All like mumbling idiots. It wasn’t mandatory, the idea was smart but we all did it, robots with no sign of significance but to feed the machine.

You never really knew anybody. Maybe some by names, but beyond that it wasn’t anything more as everyone was just lost. Once we’d heard a guy and girl got together, but to me it was the company putting two together to see what might happen. Like some form of experiment.

The desk was your world and nothing beyond it existed besides there and the outside world. Everything was at that desk and you only drifted off to the toilet or the walk to the printer. Some eager people would decorate their desk with pictures of the outside world, individuals they considered family or plants.

Some liked plants, one girl naming them, things like Barry, Steve and Claudia. People rarely spoke to her, she rarely spoke to people, just her plants.

You’d do some work of course in the office. A bit of typing here, some numbers and letters there but nobody really knew what the bigger picture was. Everyone just prayed to get fired, or better yet me made redundant.

It didn’t matter where you were, what office you were in, they were all the same. Everyone felt the same, like mindless slaves, void of any freedom. Walking talking machines.

This was the brilliance of the dismal life of the office.


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