Wanderlust In Stars

The fluorescent sky dwindled slowly forming its darkened night gale.

A cold breeze rolled in, stretching across the frigid skin. Grazing against the hair follicles, up the arms and onto the spine with an awakening tingle.

With a shudder, she slowly woke up, stretching in her bed and seeing the neon digital red glow of the bedside clock, flashing an eager 8:00pm.

A yawn and a roll, sliding out of her bed to shut the window but when she came to it, she saw the sky.

Inside the fluorescence, the stars began to slowly flash, twinkle in and out of existence. Warmth filled her soul, a wanderlust for what was out there, for a journey to skim the stars.

She reached out a hand, into the beyond as if trying to grab a star from above with the whispers of breeze trailing across her arm.

She closed her eyes, imagining her floating in the empty void, but her heart being filled with adventure. Exulting in her existential escape to the wider universe. Shining through space like a star itself, gliding amongst the other twinkles in the distance.

Skimming past planets and moons, colours filling every space. Riding the stratosphere of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, it was her wildest dream.

A drip of water touched her hand, splashing and breaking the moment.

She opened her eyes, the rain coming down heavily now as she witnessed the same plain world in a moment of chagrin disheartening.

Closing the window, she went back to bed.

4 thoughts on “Wanderlust In Stars

  1. Another great little story that really immerses the reader!

    If you like, I was going to promote your blog in my next Sunshine Blogger Award, so that new readers could check it out. There’s absolutely no need to try the quiz if you’d prefer not to, but would you like me to mention your blog so different readers could check it out?

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