The night came and went as I’d wandered in late, stumbling into the house, keys somewhere in hand.

It had taken a good 10 minutes to get through the door, little did I know it was more like 30. Then god knows how long to get to bed. The darkness surrounding me but my bed calling me, leading me to its slumber.

A flash of lights, pink, purple, orange and yellow bursting everywhere. Pulsating in the darkness still. My ears exploding, sound escaping them as nothingness filled the drums. All fatuous for the end of the night. It all echoed through my brain in a happy but now distant memory as I swathed around trying to find my way.

I collapsed in bed, face down, clothes still on and unable to move. My putrescence of emotions. I was in my slumber now but before I knew it, like god clicked his fingers the blackness disappeared and the light harshly shined through the crack in the curtains.

It wasn’t the light that awoke me, it was the sharp banging on the door, the eruption in an angry voice. It was my parents to wake me from the hangover.

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