I’ll See You Around (Banana Pancakes Pt 49)

Troy wandered into the apartment, drenched in water as the rain pelted from outside against the windows. He wore a long trench coat which dripped droplets around the floor as he moved about.

Claire came rushing through, “Troy, where have you been, it’s like a damn storm out there.”

Behind her was Victoria, who quickly wrapped her arms around him.

“Kyle’s coming by as well as quick as he can, Victoria said we can just stay here.”

“Yeah, makes sense. The news has put out weather warnings and everything.” Victoria continued.

Troy was silent, he moved past both Victoria and Claire, taking off his coat and hanging it up, shaking his hair getting water everywhere.

“Look, we need to talk about something.” Troy said giving both girls a very serious look.


Troy waited, staring at his phone once more at the sent message, the response saying viewed and feeling awkward and scared like he didn’t know what to do next.

It’d been 45 minutes since the message had been seen by her but he still hadn’t thought of some words to say.

He was sat in a small bar, quiet and tranquil, something he needed for what was about to happen. The weather stormed outside but he’d now dried off, the news in the corner TV warned everyone to get inside and stay safe but Troy didn’t have time for it.

The bar door went and she walked in, wet, dripping in her long coat but still as beautiful as the first day he’d met her.

“Hey stranger.” Jess said with a smile.

He just stayed sat down, turning his head away from her, not being able to link eyes with one another.

She sat down and he waved to the bartender who brought two drinks over.

“Thanks.” She said.

He didn’t say anything, just sat in silence.

“Not for the drink, I mean, this. To meet. Thanks.” She said, moving her hand to his but he quickly jolted away.

“Listen. I know. I know it all now.” He started.

She sat puzzled by what he was saying but the bartender delivered the drinks and she quickly drank some.

“I, I thought it was that one time, I really did, but, it wasn’t was it.”

“Troy I don’t know what you’re on about. I thought you wanted a catch up, maybe try and, I don’t know, start again.”


Troy sat down holding a warm drink with Victoria and Claire.

“So, was this all closure for you then?” Claire said.

He nodded as Victoria looked uneasy.

“You could have said something. Anything.” Victoria said back.

“You all would have said no, not to do it, I needed this.” He said back.


He took his drink and started chugging it down, “Start again. Are you being serious?”

She sat in silence, not knowing what to say.

“I’m sorry. Is that it, is that what you want? I’m sorry for cheating, I’m sorry for leaving you, Claire, Kyle, I’m sorry for all the hurt I caused and the pain, suffering, what I did to you.” She said, through tears as they streamed down her face.

He took another drink and when she stopped she did the same, the moment of silence felt like forever for the both of them.

“What you did to me, you broke my heart Jess. After a year and a half I’m finally better, I’m finally…..”

“I love you.” She said, cutting straight in. He didn’t know what to say, or do. “I still love you, I want us to be together again, forget what happened and just go back, back to how it was.”

“After all this, all this time and you just want it back to how it was, how, why. What makes you think that can happen. I’m with Victoria now, I’m…”

“Don’t you dare say you’re in love, don’t.”


Victoria smiled at Troy and he smiled back as he continued with his story.


He couldn’t look Jess in the eyes. It had been years they’d spent together and a part of him still loved after everything she’d done.

“I do Jess. I love her, but a part of me will always somehow love you after everything you did.” He took another drink, downing the glass, “Look, I asked you to come here to just say that’s it. No more.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“I mean that’s it Jess, leave and know I still love you but I don’t want you trying to find me, bumping into me, none of it. Leave me, Victoria, Claire even Kyle, all of us alone.”

She falls silent on the final words he says as the tears start to well up again. He stands up, putting down his empty glass and leaving.

“I’ll see you around then maybe.” She said, not understanding what he’s just said to her.

The TV flickered and the news still broadcasted around New York City showing various areas hit badly by the storm.

“Be careful in this storm Jess.”

Troy walks out as Jess sits crying in the empty bar.


“And that’s it.” Troy said.

Victoria put her hand on his, “Closure.”

“Yeah, closure.” He said back smiling.

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