The End (Banana Pancakes Pt 50)

Through this year I have wrote Banana Pancakes, a story about a man dealing a difficult break up. Every week I’ve wrote a new chapter in the story and after chapter 49, I couldn’t find anywhere I wanted to take the characters so thought this would be the perfect way to end Troy’s story.

To read from the very beginning go here for Conversation Through A Door.

Troy sits at a desk, in front of the MacBook hovering his fingers above the keys. He’s staring out the window, recollecting his events over the past year, his break up with Jess, the time they’d spent together. How he drank himself stupid, met the wingman, made himself look an idiot.

It all rushed, splurged over him, however it wasn’t all bad. Out the window he saw the sun shine through the clouds after what seemed like a gloomy few days over New York City. Across from his apartment a woman sat on the dirty fire escape, scribbling, what seemed like drawing the city in it’s finest moment.

He took a pause, a breath and thought he saw Avery, he pictured her, the good times they’d had together and the moment she left him also. A sharp pain hit his heart in that brief encounter but he still stared out at what seemed like someone he once loved across the way.

Turning back to the keyboard, his fingers still hovering above, plagued with not knowing how to end his story. The inception was so easy, but now he needed to have a final say.

The door to the apartment opened, the sound of footsteps moving in on the hard wood flooring and then the clatter of keys in the bowl beside the door.

“I’m home. You here?” The voice, it was Victoria.

He sat silent, not even aware that she’d arrived. The footsteps came closer through the hallway.

“Hey, you ignoring me.” She said as she came behind him and kissed him on the cheek.

“No, no, sorry not ignoring you. Just, still dealing with this.” He said, his fingers still hovering.

She scanned the last few lines of the story and smiled.

“I think that’s it. Perfect.”

He hesitated, scanning over the final bits he’d added into the writing.

“Are you sure?”

“Look, I read it last night. It’s perfect, trust me. That ending is just what it needs.” She said smiling.

His fingers started typing, deep in sudden concentration as Victoria looked at him then the words as they appeared on the screen.

She started reading them out, “When the New York sun rose one fateful morning, seeing his beauty beside him, it was in that moment he realised he was happy. The stirring emotions of his past year had gone, he was free.”

She paused, smiling at the words he wrote. “Do you mean that?”

“Of course I do. Every word of it.” The two kissed.

“I think it’s finally done then.” She went over to the kitchen, opening the fridge and looking inside, “So, what are you going to call it? The book?”

He paused, scrolling through the 360 pages of writing he’d wrote and numerous chapters, he stopped at one which read How It All Happened, giving it a brief glance but then continuing on.

It stood out on the first page, “I’m calling it Banana Pancakes.”

“Sounds like a cook book.” She giggled, “But I like it, it’s got meaning.”

“That’s how it all began, all this, my entire story.” He said back, “After all it was either that or call it Conversation Through A Door.”

“Nope, I prefer the cook book theme.” She replied back, grabbing something from the fridge as she did.

“Banana Pancakes.” He said again staring at the title of the book.

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