It was a cold day, the snow slowly following to the floor and the pathway completely shrouded in the whiteness glow.

The moon stood at an angle in the blackness of the sky, shining a thin veil of light across the ground.

I could hear the crunching below me, harder on concrete than it was on the grass which meant I was on the right path.

Everyday I made this same trip, this same wander on the way home but tonight it felt more worrying than usual.

The concern grew over me, as if I could feel someone there, someone watching me but nobody was around.

It was a dead area, empty behind and in front as the pathway just lead through a grass area with houses behind with the bus station and apartment blocks in front towering before. You’d need to magnify it to see anything.

A shudder. Trickling down my spine bolted me into a faster paced walk from the cruise I was doing before.

My feet now a lighter touch as a gust of snowy wind suddenly blew by, but inside it I felt a whisper. A wordsmith’s tongue felt like it spoke a string of words in her ear.

It was too much, all paranoia and in my head, but it felt so real.

Like the darkness was looking over her, she continued struggling forward as the snow heated down stronger.

In front was a cloaked figure, a man humped over on the ground, snow gathering round him. He uttered some struggling words but she pushed on, now running as the whispers grew stronger.

Out of nowhere it ended. The snow paused, now carefully gliding to the ground and the path showed before her right in front of the apartment blocks.

The paranoia stopped. Ending in an instant as she felt safe once again. But that safety didn’t last long as the snow covered man laid a single hand on her shoulder.

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