Up & Down

I feel like I’m losing my mind. Going crazy inside my skull.

Sometimes it flips, upside down switching the world around where I’m suddenly on the up.

Ready for anything.

But that sinking feeling tumbled down, claws sinking in and dragging you beneath the ground.

The next moment, that creek and shift change of the world, rotating once again as everything opens up for me.

Emerging as this upsprung energy. Powered and motivated, ready to take on the world. Electric running through my veins.

But again it happens, like I’ve fell into the ocean, the waves kicking me from the surface of the water and a whispering image clinging me sinking me further and further.

Each day I look at myself in the mirror, slap my cheeks for a wake up and open my eyes for the big wide world and how lucky I am.

Gazing at the verdant, the oceans, the city blocks, the world. Taking it all in from above.

How will I feel today, I don’t really know but at the end of the day it’s still me inside this mind and I’ll live it how I want.

We’re all up and down once in a while, but the biggest struggle is learning to cope and deal with it.

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