Burning Air

For the first few days we thought it was just a little fire. It’s happened countless times in other places, this wasn’t the first and it wasn’t the last, that’s what everyone was saying.

The news barely commented on it. Nobody knew, well they did, they just didn’t want to accept it. To everyone else there was a bigger picture, more was happening at the time besides a simple fire. We had wars raging, poverty and sickness, the cusp of countries once ruling the world being torn down.

There was even a constant news story of one president pushing to buy Greenland.

But nothing of the fires.

They wanted substantiation.

As the days raged on it grew bigger and bigger. The weeks then turned to months, in fact at that point you could see if from space and at that point it was broadcast as a cool spectacle.

We never saw what was coming next. The world in turmoil. The beloved Earth ruined by a humanity in such a short space of time.

By the time we all tried to stop it, it was too late. There was no more options. The fire and the forest gone, it’d burned up most of the oxygen of the world. So many just passed away, out of realisation of the world into nothing.

We tortured the planet, so to get back at us the planet took away most of what we needed to survive, oxygen.

And slowly, the human race was extinguished.

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