Conversation Through A Door (BP Pt 1)

(In 2018 I wrote a chapter a week to a story titled Banana Pancakes. I’ve decided to re-post these each week through 2020 wit some changes)

Troy could smell them straight away. That damn smell every time he thought. It always managed to overpower that New York musk scent he smelled everywhere.

“Hey come on, get out of there.”

He sat there in silence in the dark bedroom, curtains drawn shut with the thinnest stream of light entering through. Trying to get over this thumping hangover sipping water and avoiding any contact with direct light. He was rested on his mattress which lay on the floor, no bed frame as he didn’t see the need for one, a few empty vodka bottles, a pizza box and some plates littered his floor. A few torn up photos of a young woman scattered around, as if done in a fit of rage lay misplaced and not equalling together. He was slumped down on the bed and laptop resting with just the faint noise of clicking every few seconds.

“Right then, I’ll just leave these out here.”

He looked a wreck, his mid-length hair messy wearing a creased t-shirt, his face tired eyes trying to keep open.

“I’m not having a conversation with the door so get out here.”

The voice goes again, soft spoken, filled with wisdom, it was Claire for sure, nobody else would do this for Troy, even if he was going through hell at the moment. Troy’s face in the darkness of the room wasn’t even paying attention to the noise or the door, instead he just kept clicking, running through images online of someone and reading comments on their Facebook.

The girl in the photos looked happy, she was bright with a sunshine smile, mid-height with long blond hair and standing in elegant poses at parties, on travels in different locations, a mixture but Troy just paused each time, took the image in and then clicked next.

The door knob rattled but wouldn’t budge. That was the point Troy looked up and stared at the door awaiting something but nothing came.

“Look, I know you’re down and I get what you’re feeling but Troy, we just want you to be ok. We’re here to just help so let’s talk.” A brief pause and a faint sob, “Please.”

Troy thought to himself, Claire always wanted to solve everything and make a new but he knew sometimes that wasn’t the case. He felt betrayed, lonely and not knowing what to do.  He loved Claire, she was one of his best friends but not even she could help him out this slump.

Troy lived with best friends Claire and Kyle, he’d known them since the start of college from sharing a dorm with Kyle then the three moved in together, way before that back in the college days Claire and Kyle started going out. This kind of made things equally difficult for Troy.

“Just stop. Stop with all the nice talking and just don’t go there. You and Kyle have never hit rocky points or broke up or anything like that so you have no idea how I feel.” 

Troy then paused in anger at what he said, he didn’t mean it and he actually knew they’d had rocky times like in any relationship but he didn’t want to admit it. He always say Claire and Kyle as the pinacle of relationships and love and he wanted that. He had that, or so he thought.

“You’re angry. You’re heart broken. We just want to help, I’ve made you’re favourite banana pancakes. Just come and eat some and we can help you through this.”

She was right, it was his favourite, banana pancakes, or as Troy liked to call them hangover pancakes because really they were pancakes with bananas cut into thin slices and neatly arranged on top.

He had a weird thirst and hunger for the food but didn’t want to subject himself to paying everyone a Temporal visit.

“I’ll leave these here for now but I want you out of that room eventually. It’s been 3 days already.”

You could hear Claire’s footsteps walk away down the hall. She was right, Troy had been moping in his room for 3 days now and had only left to go out drinking at night.

Today wasn’t a day he was leaving to be social, he still had a breakup to get over.

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