Ocean Dreams

I stood on the edge of the cliff. The great view out front of the south sea. It reached as far as the eye could see, a beautiful crystal blue.

My lust tormented me from a young age. Pulling me either way, trying to persuade me to go, my conciseness kicking in halting me in my steps.

It sang songs to me, the whispering wind, gusting over me and around. Calling me, every step of the way.

I had an adventurous temperament for the outside world. This tiny island, familiar faces filling it from edge to edge, had nothing for me any longer.

The deep blue sea, always beyond me. Always a dream to be a part of it, belonging to it. The hope that one day I would, one day I’d travel across its crystal waves and onwards to the horizon.

The dream turned into desire. The desire then turned into hope. The hope then turned into, reality.

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