The Wingman (BP Part 3)

Troy was sat in a bar, alone, trying to get by as usual by sipping on a Jack and Coke, the one drink he always went after. It was 3 weeks into the ill-fated break-up with Jess and Troy continued to spend his nights drinking as much as he could to ease away the pain.

The bar was dark, drowned out by a beating base with a crowd dancing and the odd flashing lights. It might not of been the kind of bar Troy should be going to, but he didn’t feel like the quiet secluded place tonight, he wanted something with a bit more noise where he wouldn’t get judged for getting ridiculously drunk, after all, that’s what most people did in these kind of bars.

“Drinking alone are we?”

A guy pulled up a seat next to Troy at the bar with a smile. He then swivelled in the seat to face the crowd.

“Never a good idea to be drinking alone.”

The guy continued to get some kind of acknowledgement from Troy but didn’t get any. He waved a hand and pointed to Troy’s drink and the barmaid nodded.

“Jack n coke, nice start for the night. So friend what you after here?”

Troy lifted his head, “look if you’re trying to throw this out as a pick up line then, I don’t go that way, alright.”

The guy suddenly started shaking his head, “Wow, man no way. I’m as straight as they come.”

The barmaid rolled a Jack and Coke to the illusive man and he smiled whilst sipping at the rim of the glass.

“I’m a single guy, you’re a single guy. So, be my wingman.”

The man said as he put a hand on Troy’s shoulder but he shrugged it off immediately.

“No thanks. What makes you think I’m single?”

The guy laughed at Troy’s comments, “Well, you’re in a bar, a loud bar. And by yourself.”

“Alright I get it…..”

“But you’re also sat here mopping, completely alone, so I’m guessing, recent break-up. Like really recent.”

Troy didn’t know what to say to the man from this point on, he’d completely nailed how he was feeling, noticing his new inchoate life was but just wanted to be left alone in piece.

“Names Derek, I’m just looking for a wingman thats all, figured you might do the job.” 

He sipped away at his drink again then turned in his seat once more to look out at the crowd, scanning the room for different women.

“All we need is a strategy. A really good one, lighting up the torch is what I always say.”

The guy turned Troy round in his seat as well, getting closer with his arm around his shoulder and pointing out to the dance floor.

“So, here’s my idea. We do the sitting duck, I’ll stay here, you go introduce yourself then point the girl over to me and introduce?”

Troy shock his head, “Look, I just want to drink. No girls, no nothing.”

“Cool, yeah. This is just for me though. Like I said man, strategy is where it’s at.”

Troy looked at Derek and sighed in a regulated fashion. “Please tell me you’ll leave me alone if I do this for you?”

Derek smiled. “Hey, one time thing that’s all. Wait, sitting duck, maybe we do grab your coat, or better yet we can do the grenade dive!”

Troy just let out another big sigh then shoke his head. “I literally have no idea what youre saying. Let’s just get this over with so I can go back to being alone.”

Troy downed the rest of his drink and slowly stood up. He’d had quite a few so this would be interesting how it turned out. He staggered over to a girl he thought looked cute, she kind of moved from side to side and reminded him if Jess when he’d came to the bar earlier.

Approaching the girl he smiled at her, she smiled back, clearly things were going well for this weird wingman move.

“This is weird, look I wanna get it out the way quick. That guy over there, been annoying me for a while now. Wants me to be his wingman, playing this move sitting goose or, I don’t know.”

The girl laughed. She took a small piece of paper and wrote a number on it and laughed.

“Say no more, here you go.” She laughed again and smiled, handing it to Troy. “You’re funny.”

Troy stared at the paper, “Wow, that was easy.”

He realised what he said and apologised, Sorry not in that way. I mean, I highly doubted this would work.”

“Names Rachel, Rach, call me that, and reminded, call me.”

Troy smiled, he’d had little contact with any women besides Claire at the apartment since the split with Jess, but he felt he was doing well tonight.

“Cool, I’ll give it to my friend.”

Rach looked confused. “No. That’s for you.” She looked beyond Troy at Derek who kept sipping his drink. “That guy looks a creep and anyone willing to ask a girl for a number in a club has some balls. So call me, yeah.”

She wandered off disappearing into the crowded dance floor and Troy headed back to the bar, shoving in the number to his back pocket. As he walked over Derek looked excited but Troy just shrugged.

“No give. Damn you musnt be that good at this.”

Troy laughed and sat back down.

“Yeah, clearly because I’m rusty from a 3-year relationship.”

Derek downed his drink, “Well, get back to being miserable. Thanks anyway, I’ll see you around.”

Derek wandered off to try his own luck and the barmaid gave Triy another drink, although slightly drunk and not quite knowing what’s going on, he laughed that he’d gotten a girls number after so long.

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