Two Friends (BP Pt 4)

(In 2018 I wrote a chapter a week to a story titled Banana Pancakes. I’ve decided to re-post these each week through 2020 wit some changes)

Troy opened the door from his room to the hallway. It was a myriad of darkness but the moonlight outside was luminescent, he had no idea what time except it was definitely early morning, maybe 2 or 3am. He felt a coldness wash over him when he set foot outside, a chill he couldn’t shake.

It was one of those rare occasions Troy hadn’t headed out on a night out, alone, instead he’d stayed in, sat locked away in his room and flicking through his laptop. He wandered, stumbling still slightly tipsy from drinking in his room, through the hall.

Entering the front area of the apartment, which comprised of kitchen, sofas, TV area and small table and chairs to sit round, he headed to the fridge, still not able to see a thing. Opening the door, the light blinded him as he rubbed his eyes.

Troy grabbed a beer, popped the cap off and closed the fridge with a slight slam. A light suddenly came on, shining bright and Troy couldn’t look to see what was going on.

“Can’t sleep either?”

Troy turned back round to the heavy glowing light, his eyes starting to slightly adjust.

“Jesus man. You gave me a slight heart attack.”

It was Kyle on the sofa next to the light. Lying down with a blanket over him.

“What’s going on here?” Troy looked confused.

Kyle looked up and down on the sofa and shock his head.

“Oh this. It was called sleeping, but I suppose….”

“No, I mean why are you in here?”

“Well spare rooms taken by a lazy bum so, I get the luxury room. It has a TV, my own fridge and even…”

Troy wandered over and shook his head. He took a seat on the sofa next to Kyle’s.

“Funny. “

“Yeah, thought you’d say that. Things have just been a bit, you know. Well probably not seeing as you’re barely around these days.”

Troy passed Kyle his beer “Sorry.”

Kyle sat up, took it and had a swig then passed it back to Troy.

“Look, it’s been a good six, maybe more, weeks. This needs t stop man. The drinking, the never sleeping, all of it.”

“I didn’t come here for any lecture man. I can do with out any of this.”

Kyle waved his hands. “Sorry, sorry. Just, life is stressful at the moment, this citys stressful, work, then Claire.”

“Yeah, everythings just a bit difficult at the moment I guess. How’d we get like this?”

“I have no idea. Remember we had the whole world, that’s what we’d say when we moved out here.”

“Brooklyn was so much easier than Manhatten.”

“Brooklyn definitely was I tell you that!” Kyle sat back on the sofa. “Troy, everything will sort itself out. Trust me. I know it, and I know you know it as well. We all miss Jess, but….”

Troy stood up “I just came for a beer, I’ll head back now.”

Kyle took the bottle again like a vulture and took another swig. “I’m here. Me, right here if you need me, anything. Now, I’m not going to push you to open up, come out that room and sort your life out, that’s on you. Maybe a bit of Claire. But remember, I’m always here.”

The two gave each other a nod, a sign of acknowledgment they were both going through a blunder at the time. Troy didn’t know what was going on with Kyle and Claire, he was confused and puzzled, but he knew he couldn’t be there for them at the moment, he had to try and be there for himself.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, he knew he had to try and sort his life out, he just hadn’t realised it yet.

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