Red Dress or Blue? (BP Pt 5)

(In 2018 I wrote a chapter a week to a story titled Banana Pancakes. I’ve decided to re-post these each week through 2020 wit some changes) 

On a spring night, the street lamps and neon glow signs lit the streets of New York. The faint hum of cars could be heard here and there as they whizzed past the seemingly open roads. Troy was at this point wandering down the street on the phone.

“Yeah I’ll be there soon. I’m. Yeah. Yeah Alright.” The line hung up and Troy had a smile on his face.

He was walking side by side with Kyle who had just taken a large bite out of a New York burger.

With his mouthful, “Claire? Did you tell her?” 

Troy shook his head, “What that you’re tucking into a burger when she’s made us food? God know. I like my life thank you.”

“You had your chance to eat this delicious homegrown American sandwich delight.” Kyle said still unable to make out what he was saying.

“Trust me, she will smell that on you then take a knife slit your throat and dance in your blood.” Troy darkly said as he laughed.

Kyle stops and stares at Troy, “Dude that was dark.”

Troy was now staring as they stood outside a large neon sign saying ‘Angelo’s’ as people piled in and out. He spotted something, someone he thought he knew, or used to know but it was something else. A faint blue dress, floating in the night fitting finely on a young woman.

He paused as he stared, thinking back to a memory he once had.


At night in his New York apartment, Troy was sat pressing the TV remote slumped on the sofa as the channels flicked by one by one. You could hear the faint sound of traffic outside and then noises coming from the bedroom, grunting and sighing all at once.

Clomping started as the tapping of heels came through the hall and into the main room where Troy looked dazed.

“Right, which one the red or the blue?” Jess stood in front of Troy, disrupting him and holding two dresses, one a long silk dress in a darkened red colour and the other, a blue dress with a long back and small golden sequence.

“Hello? Are you listening?” She said as she awaited a further reply and acknowledgment from Troy.

He soon lifted his head and looked at Jess, smiling and moving out of his slumped state.

“The blue one. No wait, the red, or maybe…” Troy started saying before Jess cut him off.

She had a look of anger across her face, “Typical. You’re too busy watching TV to even take notice, then when you do you can’t make a decision.” 

Troy took a deep breath, “If you hadn’t noticed I am fully dressed, and ready. You on the other hand picked a dress a week ago, then bought a new dress a few days later, then chose yet another dress yesterday, and wait, today, well tonight only an hour before we have to get going you have changed into three dresses.” Troy said whilst turning off the TV.

Jess now pulled a face, not knowing what to say as Troy was spot on with his comments and now she looked sad, “I just want to look nice. I’m sorry. I like to just look nice for you.”

Troy moved forward on the edge of the sofa then stood up. He raised a hand placing it under the red dress, seeming to lift it slightly and examine it. He then went for the blue dress with the other hand, feeling the fabric beneath his skin.

Looking back at the red dress then back to the blue, he smiled and lifted the blue slightly more. “This one. It’s summer, blue is in, well that’s what you keep telling me. So, blue it is.”

Jess gives Troy a kiss and smiles at him, “And this is why we’re together. Also, did I tell you how nice you look.” 

She looks Troy up and down as he stood wearing a grey shirt and a peach coloured blazer, smiling as she did so. She then threw the red dress on the sofa where Troy had been sitting and skipped off to get changed.

“We’ve got about an hour till we have to be there, so hurry it.” Troy shouted through into the other room.

“I’ll be ready. They know what we’re like, especially Claire anyway.” Jess shouted back.

“No, no, they know what you’re like. I’m ready.” He replied.

Jess’ head popped round the door of their bedroom, “Well, we can’t all look like a fine gentleman like you can we.” She said spitting out her tongue as she did so.

He then moved the dress, hanging it on the door as a display and turned on some smooth jazz music whilst he watched down the hallway at Jess getting ready in the other room.

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