I’m Alright, Honest

Pen to paper, thats all it took. That’s all it took I kept telling myself. Repeating those words over and over but weirdly, the clicking of the pen, the in and out, click clack. Over and over, it kept distracting me.  It was my own cause for concern but before I knew it I was [...]

We Can Be Heroes, Just For One Day

The dark skies, clouded over entirely blocking out the sun as rain battered down in a thunderous movement , slowing his movements as he stumbled back from another punch. The hero stood firmly forward, tired and exhausted thinking to himself the moment he was in, how he couldn’t give up, couldn’t let the people down. [...]

Swirling Thought

“I wish I knew who to believe”. The words that kept crossing my mind as I lay on the bed, head tilting over the edge and feet on the wall. I’d lost my bounce, my pick up, my energetic functionality. Truth is, I don’t know how to get it back anymore. It was all because [...]

Getting Over Jess (Summer)

It was beautiful that day, the sun shining in the sky, it’s orange glow beating down. We were at a pool party, perfect time to do this in the baking heat. We’d had a good summer that year as it started winding down. We’d been out together traveling around as much as we can across [...]

I’m Not The Protagonist In My Own Dreams

It’s the same every night. Waking on the field. The perfect blue sky above me, the lush green grass beneath my hands as I clutch to feel it’s non existence. Slowly sitting up right. It’s now just a ritual, as I gaze across the world before me. The mountain ranges across the skyline, snow capped [...]

Youthful Integrity

It was a Monday morning. James kept hearing shouting for him, the screaming of voices . The typical atmosphere of a Monday morning. But he chose to ignore it. Before he knew it knocking on the bedroom door. thud, thud, thud. He leaned over to check the time. 7:30am flashed on the alarm. It was [...]

You’re A Man Now Boy

I never liked the life I was brought into, the one that. Always trying to find a way out, a way to leave and escape. Escape seemed like the option I couldn't even take anymore, my only escape felt like death. After the first time I did it, I imagined my escape as a trip [...]

My Lucifer Is Lonely

My world has burned and my lucifer is lonely. I feel lost, unaccepted by the fragments of my reality that are left, feeling the drop from life. The calling of the underworld, trying to rein me back but my eagerness keeps me away. The darkness looms around me, tugging at my mind, my skin and [...]

All You People Are Vampires

I wore an undone bow tie, an untucked shirt and the usual trouser jacket combo. I didn't want to follow the rest of them. I was quiet on the ride over, the limo my friend had booked which I just joined in on. They all wanted to have a good time, memorable and wanted it [...]

Erase Me

I sit inside the waiting room, chairs outlined in careful precision and an empty void. All I could hear was the ticking of the clock as it grasped at my attention, ticking away second by second as if a countdown was immersed. Nobody was around but it gave a chilled creepiness to what was going [...]