It’s About 2am

Darkness is meant to be all around but there’s me, lying there in displeasure with the luminous glow from the moon. It’s like a golden beam of light, directly highlighting me and my surroundings. A vista, questioning whether I’m the chosen one, doubt it. I’m wide awake. Stirring at the plethora of sound from traffic, [...]

New York, I’m Running

It starts with a casual and brisk walk, the cold air hitting me as I leave the apartment complex, waving a silent goodbye to Jerry on the front desk. Cold wraps around my face, the only part showing as I'm covered in a hat, hoodie and thick sweatpants. The music plays, a symphony of orchestral [...]

Starting Over

The music was load, somewhat energetic in the background but it felt distant, unattached and unequal to anything I felt. Sitting on the balcony, staring out at the New York vista, flashing lights early of crimson and burnt orange in the night sky. Lighting up the world below, the faces below staring in awe and [...]

Problem Is, We’re All Going To Die

The thud through my chest, pounding away beat by beat. My urge to do this, to possibly look like an idiot in the middle of New York, in it's heart just to play out my very own hearts desire. It was a risk I was willing to take. The rain poured down, beating in a [...]

The End (Banana Pancakes Pt 50)

Through this year I have wrote Banana Pancakes, a story about a man dealing a difficult break up. Every week I've wrote a new chapter in the story and after chapter 49, I couldn't find anywhere I wanted to take the characters so thought this would be the perfect way to end Troy's story. To [...]

Winter Window

It was winter solstice as the white snow flakes down the window. His eyes just gazed outwards, staring at the snowflakes as they lay solidified to the ground, growing into the white powder he saw before him. The streets of New York continued their echo of traffic, the beats the horns and the shouts. The [...]

I’ll See You Around (Banana Pancakes Pt 49)

Troy wandered into the apartment, drenched in water as the rain pelted from outside against the windows. He wore a long trench coat which dripped droplets around the floor as he moved about. Claire came rushing through, "Troy, where have you been, it's like a damn storm out there." Behind her was Victoria, who quickly [...]

Coffee Clash (Banana Pancakes Pt 48)

The apartment door flung open and Victoria came storming in, throwing down her bag, and flinging her scarf across the floor. Troy almost fell off his chair being startled at first and could see the anger in Victoria's face. "I'm done Tory, I'm so fed up." He instantly panicked, this wasn't the first time he'd [...]

Love (Banana Pancakes Pt 47)

Troy lay in bed, staring at the ceiling with a smile across his face. He kept thinking about everything that had been going on over the past year, how he'd been on so many ups and downs and now, the latest up gave him a big smile. After a while he got out of bed, [...]

First Dance (Banana Pancakes Pt 45)

Through this year I will be writing a longer story called Banana Pancakes. Through this each post will be a short story forming a larger story. To check out the part 44 click here, or go to the very beginning with Conversation through a door here. Troy and Victoria stand at the bar in a large hall, dimmed [...]