The Last Day Is The End

Waking up, it didn't feel like any other day. It was the end. The chapter closing and the journey pulling into the next stop for me to get off the metaphorical bus. I did the usual, showered, press ups, downloaded some new music for the car ride and set off, grabbing grabbing a slice of [...]

Footsteps In The Past

Tony sat there on the bench outside school. The day had finished and he waived off his friends, awaiting for his brother to take him home. He tossed the car keys in his hand, rolling them round out of boredom. His brother wandered over, short ripped with a bloody nose and bruised eye. Tony's limited [...]

Nervous Bus Ride

I was nervous, unsure and thought this would be problematic. The bus shook yet again, third time this morning. How do I start it, my words from my mouth would be good, but what if I can't. I feel my pulse quicken, it's not been like this before, the feelings moving through my body, my [...]